Anti Bullying Week

Schools across the country have been actively participating in anti-bullying week and adopting strategies and measures to reach zero tolerance.


How many workplaces are doing the same? I am yet to come across any despite 35% reporting bullying at work.

Bullying is hard to prove and can have damaging effects on people’s lives. Schools seem to have a better handle on it, but when it comes to work, it can often be very hard to prove.

Often in the workplace, it is your manager or superior who will be bullying you often due to envy or feeling threatened. It is done in private and in small companies, there may not even be an HR department to report anything too. Bullying is so often dismissed in companies with managers making comments like “that’s just the way they are”, “it must be in your head” etc…

A close friend who was bullied at work once told me that he sat in an appraisal and his female boss just lied about his attitude, work output and behaviour. He was so shocked that he couldn’t even respond and defend himself also feeling that any response he gave would be futile as it would be his word against hers.

The advice if you are being bullied at work is:

  • Too keep a diary of every event, especially those in private.
  • Keep every document, email etc.. and a work log book.
  • Report it. Even if it is dismissed, it is out there and has to be taken up at some point.

The person who bullied my friend was relieved from  her position after 18months. However, once a bully always a bully. She has only gone onto another organisation and is doing the same there.




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