The Perfect Bride

An aunt recently lamented her mission to find her son a wife and the perfect daughter-in-law for herself.  The pair had hopped on a plane for a trip to Pakistan where her British-born and educated son was introduced to suitable young women but alas none would do.  She recalled he was disappointed he didn’t get a spark.

So…he believes in love at first sight with a complete stranger while his mum is watching in addition to the extended family of the girl? Okayyyyyyyy.  This is a true story.

My aunt has a list of requirements so long and unrealistic that even the Starship Enterprise’s computer wouldn’t be able to beam one in.  This poor girl (that my cousin will have love arranged with) is to be:

1.    Younger than her son
2.    Educated (preferably a doctor)
3.    Not ambitious or career oriented (after all her son shouldn’t feel inadequate)
4.    Fair
5.    Agreeable
6.    Willing to move the UK
7.    Enjoy housework
8.    Live in an extended family home
9.    Tall
10.    Beautiful
11.    Thin
12.    Religious but not too much

The pathetic list goes on and on.

Marriage is a funny business.


7 Comments to “The Perfect Bride”

  1. and sometimes they want all this in a daughter in law but dont look at their sons, or even ask their sons if that is what they want!

  2. I totally agrew with Anonymous up above!

    Tell us Bubbly – what great catch would her son be? If I was a doctor, not too ambitious, liked housework and a crazy mother-in-law would I still settle for such a witch of a mother-in-law. I would take one look at her and her crazy-ness and take my degree and wonderful fair skin to a more worthy suitor!

    • Urgh he is quite a dweeb. He has a PhD in something random, it is an achievement but I think their expectations are ridiculous. He is quite a few years younger than me, what I find fascinating is why he desires traditional courtship. Education is meant to lead to progress, however, it seems to have stalled. Why can’t he meet a girl, go on dates and find the one himself after he really does fall in love. Is the risk that mummy wouldn’t like her too much?

  3. She’s going to searching for daughter-in-law for a long time unless her son is a hunk. In which case he wouldn’t need his mum’s help anyway… oh well,you should always aim high!

  4. This mother-in-law would be a nightmare to have. She will eventually hate the very woman she chooses as a daughter-in-law

  5. I suppose the good thing is that you can spot these women a mile off and AVOID the son. He will have to go abroad to pull this wife, anyone from here would run off within the year (preferably with a man that has a backbone)

  6. This is so funny. It reminds me of an aunt in my husband’s family who was so adamant that her son would marry all the qualities she listed and the top being the same caste that she would sneer at any propositions that came her son’s way. Finally her son got fed up and found his own wife from a totally different caste and without a graduate education. He is so happy and him mum has very little to do with his new family. She is still so bitter.
    The pride of a mum is all well and good. Just don’t let it turn him against you.

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