Home Circumcision Led To Death

A trial is underway for the manslaughter of a 4 years old boy who died after a botched home circumcision. Performed by a 66 year old nurse using a pair of scissors and olive oil, the nurse left an open wound which caused the boy to bleed to death.

The practice was carried out by a Nigerian nurse who took £100 as a fee for the procedure. The family also, Nigerian, were unaware that circumcision is provided free on the NHS.

Questions are being asked about whether non medical circumcision should be made illegal in the UK. However, this is a sad and tragic story of malpractice and of futile greed. The legality of circumcision would not have changed the outcome. The nurse should not have taken money for the procedure and advised of the service on the NHS. In all honesty, the parents should have found out all they needed to know about circumcision in the UK before allowing an old woman to take scissors to their son.

My grandmother pierced my ears with a needle. There is no way I would put my daughters through that.



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