Giant-Sized Fantasies

Sticking with my fashion theme today, another exhibition is already open at the wonderful Somerset House, Tim Walker: Story Teller and this time it’s free!

Tim is one of fashion’s most adventurous and abstract photographers who can luckily command a huge budget to commission his fantasies.  His exhibition features some of his room-filling props and of course some of his best photography all in one place.

Somerset House has firmly established itself as a major centre of London’s fashion scene and is not to be missed if you’re interested in the subject.  From the Tiffany’s sponsored Winter ice skating in the handsome period courtyard to London Fashion Week, if it’s in fashion it was here first.

So, would this not be the ultimate fashion day plan: Morning with Valentino, afternoon at the Tim Walker exhibition, ice skating in the evening finished with a glass of champagne at the Tiffany & Co bar? And you won’t even have to leave the grounds once!


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