Happy 90th Birthday HBR!


Not to be confused with HBO the entertainment network, the wonderfuly insightful Harvard Business Review celebrates its 90th anniversary this month.  The monthly journal of the elite Harvard Business School is the crystal ball through which the world that has yet to come might appear.  Who cares about boring management?  Well, some people do and these people shape the world we work in.

In 1914 Henry Ford doubled wages and cut working hours to 8 hours a day allowing workers to become consumers: a management move that was repeated and that revolutionised the world as we know it.

Innovation is at times an over-used word but the Harvard Business Review attracts the greatest minds in business (academic and corporate) to document change and provide case studies that any size of business can relate to.  Often the HBR gives insights into the practical workings of companies that corporate spies would kill for: what makes one a huge success and what makes another a failure?

Don’t miss it!


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