Y Fronts Go To The Back


OMG this guy is tickling my senses in the way that the Athena posters of the 1980s used to!  Before any of you point out…I KNOW he is probably gay this doesn’t mean we can’t admire a fine specimen of a man and enjoy his handsomeness.

I haven’t told you what he is selling yet but as you guessed, a new ‘innovative’ underwear brand called D.Hedral that is now available exclusively at Selfridges.  Developed over three years, D.HEDRAL underwear utilises patented ‘Anglefit’ technology that factors the roundness of the wearer’s posterior to create a second skin. Prices range from £26 to £31.

This style here is called Gigolo Joe:

D.Hedral 2

You can download a wallpaper of your choice and read  more about the brand here.


2 Comments to “Y Fronts Go To The Back”

  1. I have a friend who will LOVE these!

  2. One christmas present off my list, thanks!!

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