The Mughals at the British Library


Have you heard that the British Library is showcasing its Mughal dynasty masterpieces?  The exhibition is only £10 and is open until April 2013 so there is plenty time to catch one of the most exclusive exhibitions of Mughal art for a very long time.

The British amassed an incredible vast treasure trove of artefacts during the Empire and these go on drip feed display.  A tiny part of me wonders whether it ought to be returned to Pakistan and/or India, however, it is here now and is available for all to see and it is up to India or Pakistan to raise objections as to heritage and ownership.  Vijay Mallya, the Indian entrepreneur, used his own funds to return the glorious and legendary Sword of Tipu Sultan to India from Britain.

Whatever your thoughts the exhibition is receiving wonderful reviews and the collection is a lot larger than anyone believed it to be and I definitely intend to catch it before I head back to Delhi.


One Comment to “The Mughals at the British Library”

  1. What would be left in British Museums if artefacts were returned to all nations they belonged to? I love visiting them but in today’s time I do sometimes get an uncomfortable feeling.

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