Feminism 2.012

beyonce pepsi

Why are younger women so blase about blatant sexism? I despair.

Tulisa has released her album “The Female Boss” – it is bad enough that she can’t sell anything without getting her cleavage out but does her album need to have such a patronising title?  Of course, all “regular” bosses are male, yes sir Mr Big Boss Man!  Has she never heard of a female boss or is she not sure that she is female and has to remind herself?

Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce, I cringe at her patronising lyrics – fake female empowerment songs that are so sexist I simply have to switch the radio off.  I have not downloaded any of her tracks since I was at university which was a looong time ago.  Now she had stripped down to her knickers to sell Pepsi.  I remember a really cheap ale that hobos in Scotland used to drink called Sweetheart Stout.  My sister and I used to crack up at it – cans of disgusting brown liquid with a picture of a “beauty” on the side.  Now we can laugh at Pepsi as Beyonce will be plastered on it – another reason not to buy disgusting brown liquid in a can.

sweetheart stout

I can’t believe how much I loved to dance to Rihanna’s music but no more.  I am no prude, but she is so naked or semi-naked that she verges on soft porn.  Why doesn’t she just show us her vagina and be done with it?

I don’t mean to just pick on these women – so many do the same these pop stars are only an example.  I can’t decide if it is part of their art or are they so insecure about their music that they can’t sell it without stripping.  I wonder if I am being mean?  Madonna did the same but I was not offended by it.  Perhaps if Madonna, the queen of self-publicity, had Twitter and other social media at her disposal at the time of her sexual experimentation I would have felt differently?

Advertisers always maintain that they do not change society they merely reflect it, however, sometimes they alienate the changing realities of life in Britain today.  Asda recently ran an advert that I have not seen, however, so many of my friends have been offended at the blatant sexism of Mum Does Everything that they have decided to drive the extra mile to rival supermarkets.  Perhaps this is one of the only ways that we can protest by taking our female-boss-earned money to brands that value us.


8 Comments to “Feminism 2.012”

  1. I appreciate what you’re trying to say with this post but it does feel a bit like you’re attacking these women rather than the societal norms. To me, feminism is about respecting and promoting the woman’s right to choose and acknowledging equal worth. Surely that includes the right to provoke and perform as you please as an artist as well? I do realise that much of media is controlled by men and they take advantage of the fact that not many women question how they are used, but from listening to the artists that you’ve mentioned, I get the opinion that they’re aware of what they’re doing and are in fact trying to retake the power over their own bodies.

    • Catariya, I hear what you are saying but I think you and Bubbly probably agree.

      There’s a difference isn’t there, between what Rhianna does and what Lady Gaga does. Both strip down to their knickers when they perform, but they are world’s apart. Lady Gaga’s audience is made up of girl, women and gay men. (Like Madonna). She does not use her body to sell, it is merely part of the show, she equally covers up and wears other wacky outfits as part of her show.

      Rhianna’s audience (based on the show I went to) is mainly made up of young girls and their mums who take them. I don’t know a single man who actually has her on their ipods. She was beaten up by her boyfriend Chris Brown, who everyone is happy to forgive, including Rhianna who is apparently still pursuing a relationship with him.

      as for beyonce, if you listen to her lyrics she is dreadfully stand-by-your-man bull, she belongs in country and western music. they do not sound to me like women who are in charge of their bodies. whatever. they are beautiful and talented and successful, why not show our 21st century daughters that it isn’t only sex that sells. if you take your clothes off for money you are a prostitute.

  2. I think when Madonna got sexy and naked it was challenging, new and different. Rhianna et al. aren’t pushing any boundaries and certainly aren’t prancing round a church confronting their Catholic upbringing – they’re just selling products. Ugh. Loved the post though, definitely agree!

  3. By the way, Beyonce is also credited with saying “ermmm feminism needs a new word like Bootylicious”

  4. Nina Simone managed to sell 40 million albums without taking anything off.

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