Winter Sunnies

Versace Crystal Medusa

Wrinkles never looked great on anyone and squinting in the sun or from the glare of beautiful pure white snow means you will need to get your sunnies on.

Fashion power house Versace has released a new Medusa collection of sunglasses.  The Medusa collection like the company’s world famous logo draws its inspiration from a famous tale of Greek mythology.  Italians know good sunglasses, so you know you will look perfect in these.

Versace Crystal Medusa 4

Tiffany, the iconic jewellery brand, have a wonderful range of sunglasses too, available at Selfridges, and these ones caught my eye:

sunglasses Tiffany at selfridges

If you prefer a vintage look, these classic Jackie O sunglasses by Cutler and Gross will tick your boxes:

Cutler and Gross classic Jackie O round frame sunglasses

Time to drop heavy hints to your own personal Santa or treat yourself to a pair (or two…it’s so hard to decide!).


5 Comments to “Winter Sunnies”

  1. Love the first pair at the top.

  2. I love the Tiffanys!

  3. But you always feel like such a poser wearing sunnies in winter.. Or is that just me?

    • @Lou I agree wearing sunglasses at inappropriate times is terrible, however, there is real glare from snow and a winter sun can be quite sharp and make driving difficult. Is that a good enough excuse to buy new ones??

    • Agreed! I’d rather look like a poser than have crow’s feet!

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