Judges, Not Mothers, Know Best

mother and baby drawing

A woman, Sally Roberts, started a nationwide missing persons hunt for running away with her son, aged 7, as she did not want him to undergo surgery to remove a tumor on his brain.  The decision was finally given to a judge who ruled in the favour of the medical team and advised that her son be given the operation as soon as possible.

I have a seven year old niece and can only imagine the trauma the mother is going through.  It must be so incredibly upsetting to know your child is terminally ill and you are helpless.  Sally Roberts initially agreed to the operation but refused consent at the last moment.  Perhaps she didn’t receive enough information and support from doctors and the hospital.

Some sections of the British media labelled her a ‘bonkers mother’ without being sympathetic to her situation.  Perhaps it is telling of public mistrust of medical authority?  How many weeks go by without a new story of medical malpractice and the General Medical Council protecting their own?


Mother and Baby drawing available for purchase here.

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