The Emerald City

David Norris, emerald earrings, the chatterjis blog

Dorothy won’t be the only one looking for Emerald, in 2013 you will be too…at least according to Pantone, the world renowned authority on colour in design.  Pantone is one of the reference points for fashion and interior designers.


What does this mean for you?  If you’re not part of the design industry but appreciate design and fashion, my advice is simply to look out for this colour especially in the coming end of season sales so that your purchases have mileage for the year ahead.  A head to toe green outfit is a tad much for my taste but a little cashmere, jewellery and other accessories might do the trick.


3 Comments to “The Emerald City”

  1. Thanks for the trend update : )

  2. This colour is so flattering on all skin tones, I am surprised there is not more of it around…

  3. Love those earrings!

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