Travelling on Donkeyback

christmas rush jpeg

Donkey may be the fastest option for those facing travel chaos in the lead up to Christmas.  Today is expected to be the busiest day for the mass movement of Britons hoping to reach loved ones in time.  Hundreds of thousands of people will leave London in the coming days and I’m glad that I decided to make my own trip home a little earlier to avoid the rush.

I’ve been in India the over the last two Christmases and heard in horror last year as my sister recounted how flights had been cancelled due to heavy snow and that meant airline passengers were scrambling to use all other means of transport that were already booked.  My sister had reserved a train ticket but as chaos ensued that year loads of trains were cancelled, all reservations were cancelled leaving passengers to run for seats and many having to stand for five hour journeys.  Luckily my sister got a seat relatively quickly but I think train companies let their regular passengers down with this type of shoddy customer service.

Today there are several flood warnings in place and our little island seems overwhelmed once more.  How ever you are travelling in the coming days I hope it is pleasant and safe.


One Comment to “Travelling on Donkeyback”

  1. It wasn’t just the UK that had travel chaos yesterday. It was the busiest day for travel in Spain too… And the metro transport workers decided to strike to add to the pain. There was no point getting a taxi because the roads were gridlocked. And when I finally got to the airport, I discovered my flight was delayed (online info was wrong) and no food outlets were open because of a different strike! If I need to travel on the last Friday before Christmas again, I would consider travelling a day earlier or later!

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