Oops EU Did it Again

paula hamilton

The woman in the 80s Volkswagen Golf advert has a new reason to be angry and throw her pearls off:  women, it seems, are a soft target for the European Union and in my opinion the institution is misogynistic.   The EU ruling, now in force, that women cannot benefit from lower car insurance due to gender discrimination is pathetic since the EU will not come down with such a hammer and with such zeal against companies that do not give equal pay to women.


So with our lower wages we are to fork out a greater sum (up to £360 more) for car insurance premiums based on factual evidence that women are lower risk drivers.  How does this make sense?  Insurance companies hadn’t banned lower premiums on male drivers they would simply reward good behaviour on the road.  Financial incentives often do help changes in bad habits, wouldn’t safer male drivers be beneficial to all of us?

I’m going off on a tangent but another piece of evidence regarding the EU’s misogyny for me is that they will not force backward countries like Ireland to legalise abortions.  The EU only picks on soft targets and I’m increasingly wondering why Britain does not change the agreement with the EU to be more like Norway who are in the European Economic Area but do not have to follow EU rulings.  So you have to get your passport stamped when entering or leaving Norway, big deal, Norway still trades with Europe and is doing just fine.


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