The V Word


I know I already covered the Valentino exhibition, however, I went to see it last week and had to report back!  Did I have 2-3 hours spare in my last day in London before flying to Delhi? Of course not, but I still went to the Valentino exhibition regardless and it was just excellent.

Upon entry I was a little worried I must say as I had dragged my unwilling sister along and the exhibition open with sycophantic drivelly letters and cards from Valentino’s famous clients and photos of the same in his dresses (some of these were badly ripped out pages of Vogue).  Her eyebrows twitched (£12 a ticket for THIS I could hear her imaginary scream).  Then we wandered upstairs to the main room.

Now we were getting started: we walked into a catwalk runway but we were the “models” and the audience were beautifully laid out mannequins wearing the most exquisite couture known to mankind!

The dresses are arranged loosely in colour blocks and we marvelled and squealed our way down one side and up the other.  What are my favourites? I am currently designing 1970s glamour into my own collection so I wonder if this is the reason but I did find my admiration trickling towards the dresses of that era but it would be impossible to pick a real favourite, I won’t spoil the surprise.

V invitation260p

After the catwalk, you can view some of Valentino’s techniques and watch a interview both very interesting too.

Highlights for me was the entire event, I’m particularly fond of Italian fashion having studied there and I was in heaven.

Lowlights were the wonderful signature red dresses in the advertisement are NOT in the exhibition so be warned!


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