The Hobbit

the hobbit

Believe the bad reviews everyone, I regret to say that Peter Jackson’s new addition to the Tolkein films is a disaster and should be avoided at all costs!

It is roughly 1.5 hours too long, with many pointless and boring scenes (including ones clearly cut and pasted from previous films).  Is it me?  Do I simply not care about dwarves?  Why do all the thicko trolls have East London accents?  And don’t get me started on the slow zoom in of the moody dwarf prince – okay Peterrrrrr, we get it, the dwarf prince is moody, try a new camera shot!  The hair flapping in the wind while background stories are told of bravery are just cringe-worthy and not world class cinema that we have come to expect from Jackson.

I think if the dwarf prince died, I would have cheered but I think we are supposed to love him!  Hugh Jackman – you pulled a short straw here please stick to Wolverine.  Call me mean, I’m only human, but who cares about  miserable shorties?  Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins is no different from Dr Watson in the new Sherlock Holmes series, the same nervous little Englishman but this time with hairy feet.

And where are all the women??

Trust me everyone, your £15 is much better spent in the January Sales.


3 Comments to “The Hobbit”

  1. Hugh Jackman ?????????? Where was he??

  2. So true!! WAY too long and no women except 2 seconds of Galadriel. I saw it in 3D and that what a waste too, you didn’t even notice it was 3D, no cool effects or scenes that made me go ‘wow’.

    • I saw it in 3D too, waste of £

      The book doesn’t refer to many women either but Peter Jackson is not true to the book in any sense so why cut out the women?

      The graphics were pathetic, I felt this could have been a TV mini series instead

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