Tubes of Delight

westminster station

The London Underground, locally referred to as The Tube, celebrated its 150th birthday last week how amazing is that?!  Having survived two World Wars and attacks from the IRA and other terrorists it is a testament to the Keep Calm and Carry On slogan.

Londoners and tourists have a really love/hate relationship with this wonderful public transport system tested to its max every rush hour.  The more efficient it becomes the more intolerant we are of having to wait an extra 4 minutes for the next one to arrive.

I often wonder at people that run and jump on in the nick of time like Indiana Jones but of course, unlike the suave India, these fools get their rucksacks or shopping bags stuck in the train door.  There’s another train coming in a few minutes just relax!!


The first line on the Tube was Baker Street to Farringdon.  Baker Street is my favourite traditional station with all the cute Victorian tiles and arches, still exactly the same today.  Westminster is my favourite contemporary station full of exposed concrete and metal work.

baker street today

Do let us know your favourite London station or one closer to your own home.



3 Comments to “Tubes of Delight”

  1. When my son was five, and we stayed close to Baker Street station, on our way from home to somewhere else he would always want to immediately go to a toilet. Baker Street attendants knew us as the pissing dad & son and just waved us in ))) My favourite station too.

  2. Thanks for this post – its title along with the photo of Westminster station finally triggered a realization that the perpendicular tubes resemble the actual train tunnels on different levels and the vertical shafts through which commuters descend into a generic Tube station. Wonder if this was by design!

    • Well spotted, I’m really not sure if this was by design but that could be a possibility.

      Artmoscow, what an unfortunate way to be remembered but lucky you that you lived near Baker Street!

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