Gangster Squad

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Wow what a film, you must catch Gangster Squad while it’s still out. Exquisitely shot, excellent acting from a fabulously selected cast and executed by paying homage to the gangster greats of yesteryear.

As you all know, we don’t like plot spoilers but this is a classic goodies v baddies 1940s gangster film. It is simply great, Sean Penn (forever Mr Madonna in my mind) is incredible and even that blond Ryan Gosling fellow, I’ve always wondered how he became so famous with his eyes so close together but he is perfect for his role! There is even a Hot Red girl who makes me want freckles (only for a fleeting moment) … Enjoy!


2 Comments to “Gangster Squad”

  1. Fab – thanks for the review! And I agree about Ryan!

  2. Bunty I’m so gutted, it’s only showing in Delhi in the morning and at lunch time! Why on earth and who on earth would watch a gangster flick at those times? English movies seem to be relegated to awful time slots.

    I will have to wait for the dvd booooo!!!!

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