From Bullets to Bracelets

newark calibre collection

I’ve never seen a bullet and I’ve never held a gun.  I am of course British where guns are not the norm.  After the awful shooting incident at the school in the USA the gun debate is back in the front pages over there.

The Mayor of Newark, USA, appeared on a talk show recently showing his Calibre Collection: a collection of bracelets made from melted down guns and bullets seized by the Newark Police Department.  A small percentage goes to the Newark gun amnesty buy-back programme.

It’s sad that gun crime has touched so many lives in countries that they are accepted as normal household weapons, however, turning them into jewellery at least keeps them off the streets for ever. Bravo!


5 Comments to “From Bullets to Bracelets”

  1. I like the idea idea, but I think it would have been better if all the proceeds went to the amnesty buy-back programme, rather than just a small fraction – it would seem more genuine that way. This seems to me to be another person trying to use guilt to flog jewellery.

  2. I am a Newark resident and have mixed feelings about this jewelry line. On one hand I would think about buying one. On the other hand I feel like I’m somehow supporting weaponry in America if I’m wearing it.
    I need a little more time to think about this one.

  3. I am British so may not get the finer point here, but the problem with any amnesty buy-back programme, as far as I see it, is that I would not want to give back my gun knowing that all the criminals have kept theirs!

  4. I’d not heard of this programme until I read this article. Anything that helps to get guns out of circulation sounds positive to me.

  5. I would wear one. Gr8 idea

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