War and Pre-Crime

french soldier mali

Do you remember when countries (usually the USA) were considering striking another country and there would be news conferences and statements of intent, solidarity and reasoning?  This would be followed by a statement from the British Prime Minister stating the UK’s position.  One morning I woke up to news that France had started a war in Mali, albeit on the side of the Mali government, against Islamist insurgents inside Mali. None of the previous protocol seems to have taken place.

It was several days before I read in the press that the intervention had been requested.  For days it simply looked like, and was described as, a pre-emptive strike against Islamic militants to prevent future terrorist attacks in France: a pre-crime as in that Tom Cruise movie.  The French military are confident that their mission will be successfully completed after a week even though they know the militants are well armed, I imagine the paper trail of where the militants purchased their arms doesn’t stretch very far.  Amnesty International claims that the Mali army is guilty of war crimes so whose side are we on?

Over in a week… famous last words.



3 Comments to “War and Pre-Crime”

  1. Can someone explain to me what the difference is between Mali and Saudi Arabia? So far all the “problems” with Mali exist in Saudi Arabia yet no such planned liberation of her people…..

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