The Wishing Chair

the wishing chair

Delhi, the sprawling capital city of India includes numerous little villages that were swallowed up in the city’s expansion.  Retaining their narrow lanes and crumbling buildings they have an authenticity missing in the newer parts of Delhi.

One such village is Shahpurjat.  One could easily drive past it or live in the city for years as a foreigner without knowing it existed, however, it has some very delightful shops and cafes that are worth visiting.  One such shop/cafe is The Wishing Chair, a decidedly feminine and pretty little place.  Teeming with beautiful trinkets and interior products it is a sight for sore eyes after Delhi’s dusty streets.

wishing chair

Many boutiques and shops in Shapurjat also have cafes, however,  I feel The Wishing Chair’s combination might work better than fashion boutique/cafes as smells can cling to clothing, who wants to smell like a mushroom panini??

The attention to detail in The Wishing Chair is refreshing and the atmosphere is relaxed.  It is open on Sundays and there is wifi internet available.


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