Half The Portion All The Fun

cadburys caramel

A new study at Cornell University found that smaller portions can leave us just as satisfied and happy as larger ones, good news if you’re counting your calories as part of your new year’s resolution (even if you made it whilst drunk stick to it!!).

The basic conclusion was that we will eat whatever is in front of us but whether the portion is large or smaller has no baring on overall enjoyment but it does mean less calories.  Last year New York state banned super-size soda in order to try to combat obesity so they seem to have been way ahead of this research.

Of course, this advice is all based on humans being logical and reasonable which, of course, we are not.  When I’m on my period I NEED a Cadbury’s chocolate and a smaller portion will not do.  I know Cadbury’s is fatty and had less cocoa but I need that childhood comforting fat and sugar combination.  Food habits are also known to be connected to emotions.  Sometimes it’s easy to state the obvious but life is not so simple.





2 Comments to “Half The Portion All The Fun”

  1. I have a friend who always eats from a side plate and even when we go out she only eats a starter.

    Yes she is skinny but what a sad and miserable hungry life

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