exam hall

Not the TV programme about relationship cheats I’m talking about exam cheats! Have you ever cheated for an exam??  I have not ever ever cheated for an exam or test, however, I am constantly shocked by my sister, a law lecturer at one of the UK’s top universities, as she recounts stories of catching cheats in action during exams.

Harvard University recently caught 125 students cheating during an open-book exam and most are facing disciplinary action.  My sister hardly invigilates an exam without catching at least one cheater.  For me, the risk of getting caught far outweighs the benefit and I think energy that goes into planning cheating is better spent learning your work.

However, I think there can be cultural differences with regards to cheating.  I used to date a Greek boy and he was utterly shocked that I had never cheated as it was common in Greece and I was just as shocked that he was complacent about cheating and his statement that it was a fact that all Greeks cheated.  He was so good at cheating that he told me he had written answers in a Greek-to-English dictionary and he asked me to take a look but I couldn’t find his answers until he showed me.  He also told me about various other methods of cheating involving Tip-ex bottles and so on.

What a ridiculous waste of time.


3 Responses to “Cheaters”

  1. How do you cheat in an open book exam??

    • From my understanding you’re not allowed to make notes or have a coding system inside the book that would help you structure answers. I know it does sound odd.


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