Fashion’s Merry-go-round

Red Valentino

New York Fashion Week today kicked off the fashion feast that lies ahead and engulfs the world.  Displaying next Autumn/Winter’s collections while it’s still freezing outside will only make you want to buy everything now, however, wait we will.

Red Valentino was by far the most striking collection on the first day.  Aimed at a younger audience than the premium and couture Valentino collections, there was hardly a longer hem in sight, mini dresses all the way brrr!  Inspired by Hansel and Gretel the collection had a contemporary folksy look and not a house made of sweets and chocolates in sight!

London Fashion Week follows from 15 February and then hops across the channel to Milan and Paris.  The next fashion week dates that matter are March 13 – 17 which marks Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Fall 2013.


Taking place in Delhi, the opening show will be one of my favourite contemporary sari houses, Satya Paul.  I have many many sexy, colourful printed saris by this brand and I’m delighted that they got this prestigious time slot.  The company appointed a young 24 year-old Musaba Gupta as fashion director and this show will be her debut.  Looking forward to it!


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