Everyday Action Hero

death plank

A market that I regularly go to in Delhi is undergoing some renovation or something like that.  In a large part of the market the pavement in front of the shops has been completely removed and a huge pit has been dug the length of the road.  I just wanted to buy some cups but had to gulp and climb this hastily patched up plank of death that was wobbling!

My friend went first and beckoned me but I insisted she get to the other side before I stand on it, imagine if it snapped with both our weight!   As much as I would like to think I am as light as a feather the reality is somewhat different and a deep pit lined with broken stones lied waiting for me on either side and between the planks.

Once the cups were bought the rest of the market was no less easy to manoeuvre due to the renovation the cycle rickshaws took more space and cars whizzed past the wrong direction on a one way road.

It ain’t easy being in Delhi.


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