Real Life Ewok

banana joe

This adorable Affenpinscher won the most recent Westminster dog show in the US and  he is simply one of the cutest dogs in the world.

Apparently Affenpinschers are easy to train as they have human-like behaviour (which he can take as a compliment or an insult).  Banana Joe has swiftly announced his retirement and is off to a make his millions in Bollywood like the other Miss Worlds, oh sorry, different award. But he really is retiring and will be packed off to his native Netherlands to put his legs up.

banana joe 2

I have no idea what the Westminster dog show is but it’s obviously high profile.  I’m not actually a dog person I love them, I think they’re cute and have great personalities yada yada but bottom line, they stink and they make the houses they live in stink.  Still, it’s nice to enjoy other people’s dogs!


One Comment to “Real Life Ewok”

  1. not a fan of dogs but cant deny this little one is cute

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