RiRi for River Island

rihana 1

The latest British High Street chain to offer a celebrity collaboration is River Island who commissioned Rihanna and her stylist to design a 120 piece collection.  Debuting at London Fashion Week this was an extremely high profile launch for the range.

rihana 2

To me, Rihanna is seen more often without clothes than wearing clothing and her range is a predictable mish mash of styles presumably from her wardrobe.  Her stylist insists that Rihanna designed LBDs for the collection as she couldn’t find any she liked in the shops (too much fabric?).

Rihanna described her collection as casual, chic and flirty.  Perhaps she hadn’t seen what was going down the catwalk?

rihana 4

British girls are extremely talented at styling themselves and manage to pull of seemingly impossible fashion looks so whilst this collection isn’t to my taste I think a younger crowd might like it.  The thing is…would a younger crowd, who typically have less disposable cash, spend their money in River Island or Primark?  Rihanna’s collection doesn’t have any investment pieces or styles that can’t be copied for much less and that’s the trouble with River Island.

rihanna 3

All of the British High Street stores bring a wearable version of catwalk styles to a wider audience but River Island seems to have a more expensive price point when the fabrics and quality seem as cheap as the rest.


8 Comments to “RiRi for River Island”

  1. i cant not see how this range will be a success!

  2. I was really excited for this but it just looks unimaginative and cheap… Bad times.

  3. The perfect outfit for being slapped around by your boyfriend in!

  4. I agree that there doesn’t appear to be anything special here but if David Beckham can sell a plain grey vest for H&M then Rihanna can sell tat for RI

  5. That yellow dress looks like it could be nice for summer, but I wouldn’t go anywhere near the rest of it. It reminds me a bit of how Madonna used to dress in the 80s. I guess it will help for that whole style to be in one shop.

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