Barely There

bareminerals spf30

If you’re freezing your socks off in Britain just now I’m going to apologise for this recommendation as you won’t need it for a while yet, however, I’m in Delhi and the sunshine is rocking!

This also means it’s time to get the SPF creams on but I only used to wear SPF 15 as I found anything heavier gave me breakouts and made my skin shiny and greasy – not a great look.  ‘Dewey’ only looks great in magazines.  Last time I flew back to London I browsed through the inflight magazine and discovered the bareMinerals SPF 30 loose powder.  Intrigued, I researched it further and now I use it and I have to give it a whopping ten out of ten for being super.

bareMinerals found a naturally occurring UVA and UVB filter and also added vitamins, Aloe Vera extract and antioxidants to nourish and soothe skin that might get exposed to the sun. It comes in three shades and this is the only part my warnings comes in: the product is great but beware orange faced sales reps trying to sell you the wrong shade. Take your sister or BFF to help decide if you’re uncertain.  Makeup counter lighting is always atrocious so you might want to check it in daylight.  The powder doesn’t contain glitter (good for men too??) and so you don’t even need to apply any other loose powder or carry your compact.

Now where are my sunnies…


One Comment to “Barely There”

  1. That powder looks amazing.

    – KW

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