I Don’t Debate With Israelis


British MP George Galloway must only be second to Madonna as the best self-publicist.

Last week, George (a former Big Brother contestant) stormed out of a debate at Oxford University after a student stood up to ask him a question.  The purpose of the debate was to open a dialogue regarding Israel and Palestine.  George used his speech to condemn Israel but then went on to say he didn’t recognise the state of Israel.  Isn’t this contradictory?

I think that George planned his reaction in advance as it would be highly likely that Israeli students or Jewish people with an affiliation to Israel would be present.  It is so childish to walk off in such a manner as if he had been sponsored by Iran.  Palestinians themselves recognise Israel so George just sounds daft.

Oxford University will soon debate, as other Universities in Britain have, to boycott Israel and it’s exports due to the country’s treatment of the Palestinians.  The student that caused the walkout is British born and a Jew.  If George gave him a minute he would learn that the student opposes the settlements just like he does.  Israel wins no friends by behaving like an arrogant bully.  However, Israel and its right-wing politicians are  increasingly isolated in their position against the Palestinians, even in Israel – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the narrowest of victories in the most recent elections.

Words are more powerful than walkouts.


One Comment to “I Don’t Debate With Israelis”

  1. As you say George is a self-publicist, he knows his typical ignorant and stupid voter in Bradford woud have enjoyed his walk-out. More than childish, it was disgustingly rude.

    He recently alienated some of his female voters by making offensive remarks about rape. He needed something big to pander to his electorate, the ones still interested in him.

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