Youthful Bouncy Skin

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I have a love-hate relationship with Kiehls, some of their products are so over-priced and mediocre, reference to all their lipbalms. However, Please may I recommend the Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehls? It is awesome and a new must-have on my bathroom shelf.
It isn’t cheap at £36 for a teeny weeny bottle but goes a long way. You drop 3 drops of liquid on to your fingertips and sweep over your face every night after cleansing. It promises by the morning you will look younger! I definitely look more radiant in the morning when I use it and my face feels lovely.

If like me you can’t moisturise at night as it is too greasy and leads to spots (no need to look THAT young like a spotty teen).. Then this concentrate is simply marvellous.

I have the eye cream too but a bit meh about that, nothing special and not worth the £25 price tag. Maybe if I just stop touching my eyes with cream then I will stop ageing them?

Remember that it’s free delivery from Kiehls for online orders over £25 and you always get 3 free samples of other products.



One Comment to “Youthful Bouncy Skin”

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with Kiehls too. I am allergic to their eye creams – they make my eyes sting. I find their staff at counters totally useless and I always feel like they are lying to me and sometimes down right rude: when I told the woman at the Kiehls counter that the eye cream I had just used from the tester pot was stinging and could I please get something like a toner to take it off, she got offended and insisted that it must be something else that was making my eyes sting because all their products were hypo-allergenic. She just didn’t accept that it could be the cream. Nuts considering I wasn’t crying my eyes out before I put the cream on. Needless to say I didn’t buy anything that day.

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