Yummy Mummy

fortnums rosie lee with fortnums bone china mug




Rosie Lee miniature roses spray presented in a Fortnum & Mason fine bone china mug, £45

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in Britain.  My mother’s experience of the special Sunday has evolved from breakfast trays of soggy cereal and cold eggs served when my sister and I were little to a rather more tasty and charming affair now that we’re older.  If you’re stuck for ideas here are a few that might help:

anokhi kimono at east


Comfortable and stylish block printed cotton kimono by Anokhi sold at East stores or online, £65.  South Asian mums might be the only women in the world that still wear nighties.  Anokhi do beautiful printed cotton nighties and pyjama sets but alas they’re only available in India.

aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy oils £30 at Fortnum & Mason.

diptyque travel spray set 30  charbonnel et walker 20


Diptyque travel perfumes £30, Charbonnel et Walker pink chmpagne truffles (simply divine) both at Selfrdges.  If your mum likes pampering and fragrance products you could also try Wholefoods Market stores which will have different brands and they will all be premium quality and organic.  Wholefoods is an American chain but there are a few stores in London and one in Glasgow.


On your way to the beauty products you might be distracted by the enormous cheese wheels on display…delicious!!  Maybe your mum would want one…



3 Comments to “Yummy Mummy”

  1. Brilliant – thanks!

  2. Wow, that kimono looks lovely! I might buy one for myself…

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