Eat Yourself to Life

Sardines escabeche

Lookin’ good!

We Brits will die before our European neighbours, so claims the latest research.  As we all know a healthy diet plays a big part towards our longevity.   The Mediterranean diet may well be wonderful but many Mediterranean breakfasts consist solely of black coffee and cigarettes.  Very healthy!  Silver Spoon's aubergine parmigiana recipe.

The Guardian asked some of the UK’s top chefs to recommend Mediterranean recipes to help us live longer and they all sound delicious.  I guess the trick is to eat one serving of the aubergine parmigiana and not pig out until one’s buttons pop?

I do believe though, as Brits, we have a nicely varied diet.  Olive oil is undoubtedly good for us but so are all the spices, ginger and garlic in South Asian cooking. If we’re at work and want a light lunch we can pop some sushi into our mouths (sushi restaurants seem more plentiful than tube stations in London).  We have embraced international cuisine and made it our own.

Alas for a long life I think research advises that we have a regular routine including the foods we eat.  How dull!


8 Responses to “Eat Yourself to Life”

  1. I recently moved abroad to Southern Europe for work and I hate the lack of variety in the diet here. Even if I order something extra hot, I can hardly taste the spices… It’s so boring! I miss the food in London!!

  2. I agree with City Slave about vareity. I’m a veggie and found thaat only Italians on the continent treat veggie dishes as importantly as meaty versions. otherwise in Spain I had bread and cheese, feta salads in Greece and once in Germany I was offered some coleslaw.

    I don’t care if we die earlier. We have much more fun getting there.


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