Student Debate Walkout


Have you heard the story of the Cambridge and Edinburgh university undergrads that went to Glasgow university for a debating competition? One of the women, at the adorable age of 20, is apparently a world leader as a debating genius. Hurrah!

Well, first of all they were told before they were up “not to be too funny” … Eh? It gets worse, however, as they were faced with awful heckling.
Once the debating began, both female contestants were overwhelmed by male students hecklers who shouted about their appearance, chest size and so on. When a female judge got up to tell them off she was called a “frigid bitch”. The female student debaters walked off and apparently Cambridge Uni is refusing to send any more students up there.  The female debaters themselves also vowed never to return.

Disgusting, yes. But I disagree with the reaction. Go back! Go back with thousands of you and shout back. Those boys surely ought to be reminded that they have small pricks, have to pay for sex and live with their mothers. Come on!


2 Comments to “Student Debate Walkout”

  1. Why when verbally attacking a woman do men always attack her for her sexual appearance? In a organised debate, it’s about as witty as sarcasm. My theory is that it is related to another article on this blog about rape: it’s about power. These men must have felt empowered by screaming obscenities at these women. It must have been hard to stand up to it when faced with so many men screaming at them, but I can’t decide whether the women leaving was a good thing, or whether it would have been better for them to fight back.

    • Yes, it’s about power but it’s so immature it’s actually cringeworthy. What I find most unusual about this story is that it happened last week! If it was the 1970s then we could say well, it will take time for things to change and men to accept women as equals. Insecure men are vicious and just think these are the seemingly educated ones!!

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