Action-Packed Pixels

new tomb raider

Did you ever play Sonic the Hedgehog? Or Streetfighter? Oh what wonderful games, fab graphics and with delightful family fun in tow!

Then, like most other teens, I grew up and out of games consoles. I noticed however that my male cousins, ALL of them, continued to play games and still do. Occasionally, like all things we don’t understand, my sister and I will mock them and tell them to get girlfriends/a life/some sunshine.

I recall Lara Croft! What a fab character, I remember thinking, she is a woman that is kicking serious ass. Then hello, thought I, she does have incredibly large and bouncy breasts and a teeny weeny waist and she makes groany sex noises when she is hit.  Hmm, slightly more creepy than I first hoped. It was just as sexist as anything else I’d seen. And sigh, now I was supposed to be jealous of a cartoon character? Fortunately I have never dated anyone that played computer games so didn’t have to endure any strange request to dress like Lara (as my friend did).

Cut to 2013: Tomb Raider aka Lara Croft’s new game is written by a woman and gasp eek 47% of gamers are women. 47%! So Croft has normal boobs (hurrah) BUT there is still a long way to go. She starts the game being suddenly awaken from bed, hence why she is wearing very little for the duration of the game. Croft’s male counterparts do not have to endure similarly weak plot lines thinly veiled to have them in their knickers. Sigh. Also the boss of the game, some creepo extraordinaire says that most gamers that play Tomb Raider do not relate to Lara Croft but want to look after her. Thereby completely ignoring half the players. What a plonker.

Anyway, it is very good news that women are playing games, writing them and that characters have a manageable cup size that won’t have them crippled with back pain in their 30s. My original prejudice remains however, SURELY there is something more fun out there to do in the real world with real people?


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