Stressing About De-Stressing

lotus flower

Stress, stress, we’re all stressed.  Lifestyle pages often overflow with tips to de-stress your life.  However, there are so many tips and new ways to de-stress and an overload of advice from the latest research is it in turn causing more stress?  Am I doing the right de-stressing technique, how do I find time to write a diary, what if I do the labyrinth meditating technique and get so lost that a search party has to come and find me?

labyrinth meditation

Meditating throughout the day is meant to be good for us but there is something a bit comical about it.  Imagine sitting at your office desk and lighting a candle at lunch time to focus and meditate on. Ha!!  Of course there are easier techniques such as taking a short walk but this is not stress-free in central London where one has to watch out for couriers, cyclists and masses of tourists.  This is also not stress-free in Delhi where one has to drive to a park or air-conditioned mall to take a walk as there are hardly any pavements and in summer you could get heat stroke.

I think one of the easiest de-stressing techniques is to have a cup of tea, preferably with friends so you can gossip and laugh your stress away.  What works for you?



2 Comments to “Stressing About De-Stressing”

  1. I run and get at least 7 hours sleep! Easy!

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