High Pryce To Pay

Vicky Pryce

Am I alone in feeling sorry for Vicky Pryce? She was sitting next to her husband whom she loved for almost 30 years and he turned to her and said it was over, he was with a younger woman, he wanted a divorce. And then he went to the gym.

Then the press find the whole thing hilarious because the younger woman had been in a relationship with another woman. Pryce, a respected economist, ridiculed for being ditched for a lezzer. To make things worse Huhne’s colleagues didn’t seem to mind and brushed it off. Pryce tried to save her marriage and Huhne said some very nasty things to her and left.

If Huhne had committed a crime and forced you to take his speeding points, oh yes, how satisfying it would be to get him. All your life you have supported him, nursed him when he’s sick, cried with him, laughed with him and because you are a woman in your 50s you probably made huge sacrifices for him and to be with him. And he dumps you so unceremoniously at a football match, was he still having sex with you while he cheated on you? I’d get him, yes I would.

Ok, she was caught out too. Taking speeding points is also a criminal offence.  And so many women went nuts at her for the marital coercion defence she used. So many men spitted at us “you want equality and then use this defence??” I am a feminist, a staunch feminist, and if this defence was available to me, why on earth wouldn’t I use it? It might have worked for God’s sake!

By the way in a recent survey, over 100,000 men admitted to begging their female partners to take their speeding points for them. Define “begging”. If my husband “begged” me to take his points, I would tell him to get lost. But hang on a minute, what if he got those points and would now lose his licence? That would mean he couldn’t do his job? Everything he’d worked for? He was the closest he’d ever been to getting elected? Yes, I probably would have taken the points too. I think of my friends and I think all my female friends in the same position would take the points, but I can’t say whether my male friends would. Isn’t this why the marital coercion defence exists?

Anyway it didn’t work and she faces the same 8 months sentence as her ex-husband. Ridiculous!! Does she pose a threat to society? Did you know HALF of CONVICTED burglars do NOT receive a custodial sentence? Also, judges don’t like sending women to jail so the women in prison are particularly nasty. What a stupid waste of our money. She should have been fined, heavily fined, and made to pay legal costs to the CPS and then made to do several hundred hours of community service.

She has been publicly humiliated, her family’s personal matters have been aired including texts from her son telling his father to “fuck off” and she is now looking back on having shared most of her life with a man that lied to her. She has been punished enough.


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