Gothic Beauty and Sleek Silhouettes

alpana neeraj1

Alpana Neeraj presented a heavy metal futuristic collection inspired by gothic glamour.  This girl is from the future and like all sci-fi babes she has the perfect figure to carry the look.

alpana neeraj2

alpana neeraj3

The collection reflected the spirit of couture with the sculpted silhouettes and fine detail whilst retaining a sportswear touch. Strong shoulders and experiments with transparency made this an interesting collection.  The leather and chainmail gloves were rather rock n roll!

alpana neeraj gloves

Contrasting with Alpana Neeraj’s was Arjun Saluja who showcased immediately after.  Coffee and mossy tones were the strongest colour combination often presented in a contemporary Ikat print.  An elegant collection for a more mature customer.

arjun saluja


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