Mr Wonderful


Princess Diana’s ‘Mr Wonderful’ also known as Pakistani heart surgeon, Dr Khan is reported to be pursuing maximum damages from News International after Scotland Yard informed him it was possible his phone had been hacked.

Dr Khan is of course one of the 600 potential new phone hacking victims seeking damages from News International in addition tot he 250 claims already settled.  Dr Khan suspects that his phone may have been hacked as early as 1997 as his relationship with Princess Diana was extremely discreet.  Dr Khan said he will donate the damages to his own heart clinic for children that he set up near his hometown.

Hugh Grant has written an article for the Guardian today calling for a Royal Charter to govern the press and that would be independent of politicians.  The thing about the phone hacking scandal is that it not only revealed that some newspapers and editors broke the law but members of the police force also broke the law.  Rotten Britain needs to be fixed and I’m not convinced that independent bodies work either as they can be powerless to act or fall asleep on the job despite pocketing huge salaries.

Perhaps the current criminal system is deterrent enough?  Former editors, journalists and members of the police force have been arrested and charged or are pending trials.  They have been humiliated and newspapers have been forced to give compensation.  The deterrent is: no one is above the law.


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  1. I think Dr Khan is quite hot!

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