Chanel’s Yellow Mascara

chanel yellow mascara

Chanel has launched a yellow mascara!  It is part of this Summer’s butterfly inspired makeup range from the luxury fashion brand.

I can’t think of any worse colour to highlight my luscious lashes, can you? Can you imagine eyeing up that hotty at the bar and he gazes up your body into your eyes and think they are covered in last night’s sleep? Urgh!

I would buy it and try it, but it isn’t cheap so I will simply guess that it will look horrendous!


7 Comments to “Chanel’s Yellow Mascara”

  1. wow that does sound terrible!

  2. Haha, it does look pretty in the picture but I would never be able to reproduce that look and quite frankly, I’ve never really coveted the “butterfly look”

  3. I’ve heard some people are getting very excited about the new bright colours. They’re all very young though. I couldn’t wear it

  4. It does look pretty in the picture and I agree younger girls could get away with it. I think this one is only for the dedicated…

  5. Maybe it would suit some eye colours… I never thought blue marcara would look good outside of a fancy dress party, but navy mascara actually looks quite nice

  6. WOW navy blue does sound nice but I would look like some weird princess diana wannabe

  7. Hhhhmmm, I think its some people channeling their old 80’s chic look… Maybe paired with some blue eye shadow and red lippy!?

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