Nazi Salutes in 2013

katidis greek footballer nazi salute

I have a friend, bear with me as he will sound awful, who considers himself an expert in German history (an expert despite only having studying the subject to A-level) who moans and groans regularly about “the Jews” and “why they can’t shut up about the Holocaust”. His point, that he makes so badly, is that the Holocaust terminated amongst others, the disabled, the sick, homosexuals and more than any other ethnic group, the gypsies.

Well, there is no better reason than Katidis as to why Jews simply can’t stop talking about the war. Katidis is a Greek footballer who recently scored a goal close to the end of the match which a great feeling, no doubt. Only, to celebrate, he chose to halt his fun run and stand up straight in a military stance and do a Nazi salute. Eh??

Everyone has gone crazy at him for doing so, and he has said at first it wasn’t a Nazi salute but anyone who sees the pics knows that won’t wash. Then he claims not to be a fascist. I actually believe him, I think he’s just stupid. There are different degrees of stupidity that we civilised beings will allow. Thinking Newcastle is in Scotland (ok, we will blame bad schooling), making up a stupid joke (we will forgive you because you are our boyfriend), but Nazi salute? No. No-one should be allowed to be stupid about things like this.

As a result of his stupidity he has been given a lifetime ban from ever representing Greece internationally. Is this disproportionate? Maybe, however, I am with “the Jews” here and that forgetting the war and the Holocaust will breed complacency and we cannot ever forget the terror that started the last century. The reason “the Jews” go on about it so much, probably, is because they can and I thank them for it.


One Comment to “Nazi Salutes in 2013”

  1. This guy is an idiot. Has he been living a hole all of his life? How can he not have known what it meant?!?

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