Be Young with Payal Pratap and Rahul Mishra

Payal Pratap1

Design by Payal Pratap

Payal Pratap and Rahul Mishara’s presentations were sponsored by Fiama Di Wills, the Indian beauty product giant.  Under the theme ‘Be Young’ both collections pined for yesteryear.

Payal Pratap2

Payal Pratap’s collection was subtitled ‘Opening my Grandmother’s Trunk’ which she used as inspiration combining a rich Indian vintage aesthetic with modern boho.  Indulgent drapes in luxurious textiles, layering and beautiful ear ornaments made this a beautiful collection.

Payal Pratap3

Payal Pratap4

Payal Pratap5

Payal Pratap rose print

Rose print and all designs above are by Payal Pratap

The bold English rose print was cleverly portrayed in the style of Indian Ikat giving it at once a contemporary and digital look.

Opening with a very dramatic live violinist with the first laser-beaming bow I have ever experienced, Rahul Mishara’s collection was entitled ‘The Baroque Tree’.  The collection was inspired by India’s rich heritage in textiles, ancient chintz and Islamic Jaali or lattice work.  Dramatic silhouettes ensued with experiment in opacity and transparency:

Rahul Mishra1

Rahul Mishra2

Rahul Mishra3

Rahul Mishra4

Designs by Rahul Mishra


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