Manish Malhotra: Trend Maker

Manish Malhotra1

Indian Celebrity, Esha Gupta featured in Manish Malhotra’s show

There are few designers in the Indian fashion industry that can start a trend like Manish Malhotra.  His influence in Indian cinema is so great and the trickling effect on to TV sets beamed around a billion homes is no small accomplishment.  In this way, once Manish selects an embroidery, it’s big news and he can single handedly revive an Indian embroidery that had been confined to memory and nostalgia.

Manish Malhotra2

Manish Malhotra3

In a breathing-room-only show, we first watched a short film about Manish’s inspiration: Punjab, Lahore, Amritsar and the Phulkari and Bagh embroideries.  Colourful silk thread is embroidered into geometric shapes using a darning stitch.

Manish Malhotra5

This was a very personal embroidery; women embroidered for themselves and the finished product was never for sale.

Manish Malhotra6

Indian celebrity, Jaqueline Fernandez in Manish Malhotra’s show

If the embroidery is so dense that the fabric underneath is not visible it becomes Bagh or garden embroidery.

Manish Malhotra7

A close-up of colourful Bagh embroidery by Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra9

Indian celebrity, Sidarth Malhotra got the biggest cheer and screams as he modelled on of Manish Malhotra’s designs.

Using beautiful colour combinations and his own signature styles, Manish brought a freshness to the traditional stitch and he has transported it from the home of the craft worker to the red carpet and across the world.


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