Roll Up for Day 4!

Pero Aneeth Arora

Styled and visualised in the theme of a circus, the circus was not actually cited in the show notes.  Pero by Aneeth Arora is the winner of Vogue India’s first Fashion Fund and this was her first presentation since winning the award, for which she received the cash prize after the show.

Pero Aneeth Arora2

Pero Aneeth Arora3

This was a collection dedicated to Indian hand craft with regards to fabrics and embroideries.  Loose silhouettes and textured layering with some consideration for Winter and accessories such as embroidered cowboy boots seem like they will be quite a hit.

Geisha Designs by Paras & Shalini was inspired by tribal and aboriginal signs of North America.  The result was evening dresses, make-up resembling tribal markings in glitter and bronzing and hair with both Swarovski crystals and up-cycled bottle caps.




Geisha Shahzahn Padamsee

Indian celebrity, Shahzahn Padamsee models the final design for Geisha Designs

Designer Ranna Gill knows her customer and sticks to the formula that works.  Her show presentations are always packed and full of her friends and admirers.  The atmosphere is that of a private party that you’ve somehow gatecrashed.

Ranna Gill 1

Ranna Gill 2

Ranna Gill 3

Ranna Gill finale

Designer Ranna Gill with a model for the finale.

Inspired by molten metal, the collection was luxury “eveningwear relevant for the glamorous life of the global jet setters”.  The music and dress for the finale was fitting.  Adele’s Oscar winning theme for Skyfall played as a would-be Indian Bond Girl dazzled.

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