You Smell Great!

gio di Giorgio Armani

My most favourite perfume in the whole wide world is Gio di Giorgio Armani.  Every single time I wear it and without exception men and women comment how amazing I smell and ask what the perfume is.  The awful thing is that it is actually discontinued!! Can you believe it? This most wonderful and sensuous of scents on the planet is no longer available for purchase.  You can buy it as part of a miniature Giorgio Armani perfume set but not alone like the sickly sweet Aqua di Gio.

Giorgio Armani miniature perfume set gio

I don’t know why companies do that.  My former favourite lip liner called Lovebite by Benefit was also suddenly discontinued.


That’s easy for you to say, your favourite lippy being discontinued is no laughing matter.

I wish companies had to publish their intention to discontinue a product in a national newspaper for public consultation.  Then at least I could have bought a truck load of Gio and Lovebite and happily live in the 1990s!!

Has it happened to you?


7 Comments to “You Smell Great!”

  1. Second fave? what’s the best?

  2. You said the same about that Escada perfume that smelled like strawberry flavoured sweets which was discontinued. Maybe you can still buy it on the internet? Or one of those perfume shop places??

    • Well remembered! My last drops of Escada have evaporated, yes that was also a favourite of mine that was discontinued, thanks for reminding me!! Sniff….

      Vakeel Bibi, Gio is the BEST.

  3. I don’t like either of those perfumes … Sorry! My sister for me a Jo malone scent which is to die for

  4. Perfumes have a complex reaction to different body types! What smells good on you might not necessarily smell exotic on Sheila or Jane!!

  5. Gio was my favorite of all TIME. I am still looking for Italie 😦

  6. Gio is the most beautiful perfume I’ve ever come across there is nothing like it I’ve been searching for years some people on eBay are selling half used bottles and bits in the bottom for ridiculous amounts of money it’s risky it could have gone off

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