I Only Need 8 Medium Chocolate Eggs This Year


One of my darling nieces who is five years old made that statement contrary to her mother who said that my niece’s teeth were in a bad state and she wasn’t getting any.  I know who will win that battle…!

Lindt bunnies are the cutest Easter treat to give to loved ones this weekend and you know their mini size bunnies are only about £0.30 but get a guaranteed smile and squee from the receiver.

My niece might be able to sit inside this chocolate egg by luxury chocolate company, Charbonnel et Walker:

charbonnel et walker easter egg

31 inches in height and £350 this egg is for the serious chocolate fan.

Hotel du Chocolat easter egg

I don’t quite remember how rabbits got mixed up with Easter eggs, of course it’s cute if a little odd.  Anyhow this chocolate egg is by British chocolate company, Hotel Chocolat.


4 Comments to “I Only Need 8 Medium Chocolate Eggs This Year”

  1. Well, my boyfriend goes to the shops the Tuesday after Easter Monday for my Easter eggs. Cheapo!!

  2. That’s so funny! How many eggs did your niece get in the end? I got none – too much temptation and I really didn’t want to ruin my bikini diet!

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