Deciphering Dreams


A guilty pleasure of mine is to watch This Morning while I hit the treadmill some weekday mornings. There is just something about Eamonn Holmes and his chubby squirrel cheeked banter that makes me momentarily forget the increasing searing pain through my thighs as we nudge up to running 5k.

They were doing a dreams analysis slot. How tacky! But! I actually learned something…

A woman called in to say she would suddenly and regularly wake up at 2am.  The wacky dreams reader said that if this happens to you then you may need to refer to the Chinese Qi Cycle. Apparently this sort of regularity may be linked to an organ in your body which is linked by a particular emotion. Now this is interesting to me because I always get up at 4. I lie there and go to the loo and sigh, isn’t this what happens to people in their twilight years, not mid-30s?

Sure enough two days later I woke up at 4am.  Lying there dying for a pee but knowing of the arctic conditions outside of the duvet, I looked up the Qi Cycle. My 4am awakenings are linked to my liver and in particular, grief. Well, yes. That’s right and all of the analysis I read online was spot on. I don’t know what to do about the grief but it is strangely comforting to know it is that and that my bladder appears to be in good nick!


One Comment to “Deciphering Dreams”

  1. I have always believed in dream reading and interpretation of dreams. When else do stay still for long enough to listen to our own gut instinct, except for when we sleep?
    What I would be really interested in knowing is if you can use the Qi Cycle somehow to get a better night’s sleep, now that you have identified the problem.

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