Not So Great Britain

The funerals of the six Philpott children at St Mary's church in Derby on 22 June 2012

The Philpott case sends shivers up us all. There were several programmes on yesterday that went over the case (the couple and their friend having been found guilty of manslaughter) and I was moved to tears watching one of them. I guess it was worse because I was with my baby nephew and we were curled up on the sofa together.

You’ll know the case facts but at the risk of going all Daily Mail, how on earth were 11 children allowed to live in a 3 bedroom house? Philpott has been described as a real Tabloid villain, and yes I hate him, he is vile. His wife Mairead, I find much more disgusting as a mother. The police tapped their hotel room as they suspected foul play and imagine their shock and horror when the Philpotts were having threesome sex after their children has just burned to death.

I read that out of the six kids only one was in pyjamas, and that was the little girl. She must have dressed herself. One kid was still in his school uniform. Such neglect, my heart goes out to them and I wonder how many kids are similarly unloved that are still alive.

The Union of Teachers recently stated that teachers were often having to deal with hungry children and often pay for their students’ breakfast themselves. The Union expressed concern at the further cuts made because they felt even more children will go hungry before school. I have never read anything so outrageously stupid ever! It costs pennies to give your child a bowl of value brand corn flakes or slice of toast. People managed to feed their children after the war for God’s sake.

If a kid comes to school without breakfast, dirty face, bruise, anything!!! then that kid should be taken away from their useless parents. If the Philpotts child was sleeping in his school uniform and then going to school in the same uniform then why was he allowed to keep returning to the same stupid lazy parents? What does it take to put children into care, out of harm’s way?


2 Comments to “Not So Great Britain”

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  2. its shocking and a scenario which i will never understand.

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