It’s Football Not Politics!

Paolo Di Canio Sunderland

The new manager of Sunderland Football Club has caused more controversy and taken over more newspaper inches over his past political affiliations than his job and he’s not pleased about it.

In the past, Paulo Di Canio, a former Lazio player, was recorded as stating he was a facist but not a racist during a mix up of prejudices in a conversation.  Aaah thanks for the clarification, Paulo as facism is so much better than racism.

Now that he is no longer a football player but a manager and now that he is no longer in a Mediterranean country that seems to be tolerant of facism (Greece, Italy…what’s the deal with that??) he is shocked that he has to talk about his political beliefs instead of saying things like ‘at the end of the day it’s a game of two sides’.  You are in the UK dude and we are not okay with facism.  I never knew that David Miliband, the former UK Foreign Secretary, was vice chair of Sunderland (Jack Of All Trades or what?) but he resigned in protest to Paulo being appointed manager of the club.

Paulo has been quoted as saying Mussolini (a facist) was misunderstood and the Lazio football club’s historian has stated that Paulo was a committed facist which had a really strong impact on the hooligan fans of Lazio but not on the Italian media.  Paulo denies this and all associations with facism.  Has he reformed his beliefs or is he merely saying what is necessary in order to keep his job?  Welcome to Britain, we are watching you.


One Comment to “It’s Football Not Politics!”

  1. Yada yada yada … If this racist chap starts performing and actually wins matches then the backward northerners won’t care how racist he is. I’ve never met an Italian that wasn’t racist so this guy is not different. I am also not dying to move to Sunderland, multi-ethnically diverse? Definitely not!

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