So Stylish in Delhi

HT Sanjoy Narayan & Ritu Beri - Delhi's Most Stylish 2013

The Hindustan Times recently held its annual award ceremony to crown the top twenty stylish men and women.  A red carpet event attended by the Who’s Who of Delhi society, this was surely the night that everyone opened their wardrobes and declared they had NOTHING decent to wear!

Awardees included fashion designer, Ritu Beri (above), cricket player Virat Kohli and film star Abhishek Bachchan’s sister, Shweta Nanda.

HT Sunil Sethi & Abhishek Bachchan - Delhi's Most Stylish 2013

HT Sunanda Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor, Sonal Kalra & Manish Malhotra - Delhi's Most Stylish 2013

These type of awards are held in the UK also and the usual suspects scoop them up: Alexa Chung, Victoria and David Beckham, Kate Moss et al.  If I was in the jury I would also award the incredibly stylish Thandi Newton and rock star Bryan Ferry.

stylish thandie_newton

stylish Bryan+Ferry

Anyone else missing a mention?


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