Gemfields Creating Dreamfields

Gemfields Parulina-ring CMYK

Ring by Parulina

As I mentioned in previous post, 2013 is the year of Emerald thanks to it being selected as colour of the year by Pantone, the globally regarded authority on colour.

Gemfields Amrapali earrings with Gemfields' Mozambican rubies-CMYK

Amrapali Earrings

Emeralds were just one of the precious gemstones in the stunning fine jewellery collection presented by Gemfields, the world’s largest producer of ethically sourced coloured gemstones.  Gemfields collaborated with some of the world’s leading jewellery designers including Fabergé, Mappin & Webb and Amrapali.

Cleopatra bathed in emeralds and even had her own mine!  The global demand for coloured gemstones is increasing as fashion tends and tastes evolve to soak up the colours of the rainbow.  Flattering on all skin tones and luxury defined, coloured gemstones are sure to light up your smile.

Gemfields Faberge ring with Gemfields Emerald

Fabergé ring

Emeralds increase in value over time so you can justify the indulgence knowing that at least your emeralds and rubies will keep you secure in old age even if your pension pot doesn’t.  No wonder green is the colour of envy…


2 Comments to “Gemfields Creating Dreamfields”

  1. Thanks Bubbly, how will I ever go back to costume jewellery after seeing this!

  2. Oh wow, the jewellery is beautiful. But I don’t think I could afford any of it, investment pieces or not!

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