Who Deserves Military Honours?


Queen Mother’s funeral

Former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher will receive military honour for her funeral and this has caused great concern amongst some, especially (apparently) from Buckingham Palace.

That there seems to be huffing and puffing about an extraordinary Brit receiving military honours usually reserved for Royalty is astonishing.  Margaret Thatcher did far more for her country than the Queen Mother and Princess Diana and in my opinion she absolutely deserves a high profile funeral.  To the last she has shown what it means to be in a meritocracy, she worked hard all her life regardless of her politics.  She was voted into power and did not gain it as a birth right or through marriage.

No one is perfect and politics is certainly not a job for the faint hearted.  Yes, the Falklands War shouldn’t have happened and it was Thatcher’s vanity project, almost every world leader seems to have commissioned their own private war to prove a selfish point.

There is an article in the Guardian today arguing that Thatcher never liked Britain and she never understood what made Britain great whilst projecting their own narrowly focused idea of what it means to be British.  She fixed a broken and almost bankrupt Britain, so what if she ended free milk in schools? There is no such thing as ‘free’ someone somewhere is paying for it and the nation couldn’t afford it.

My only hope from our polarised debating on Margaret Thatcher’s life and death is that she has managed to get the public interested in politics once more and to contemplate the past and the future.  Margaret Thatcher claimed that her greatest achievement was Tony Blair (shudder), I truly hope that a new female British prime minister is out there in the making.


3 Comments to “Who Deserves Military Honours?”

  1. You are probably right, but it’s going to cost us over £10m – what do you think of that?

    • SW, you’re right that £10 million is a lot of money but the sad fact is our country wastes soooo much money. I have a subscription to Private Eye and if you pick up any issue you will be shocked.

      I think £10 million is worth it as isn’t even as pompous a funeral that a royal would get after a life long career of cutting ribbons at opening ceremonies.

  2. thatcher made difficult unpopular decisions which where beneficial to the country. she should be honoured and this was a well deserved funeral.

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